Any Make. Any Model. Any Time.

Our skilled technicians perform on-site inspections, repairs, modernizations and rebuilds on any overhead crane or hoisting equipment. We can also rebuild your crane parts and components in our Rebuild Program at a fraction of the cost of new. We always deliver outstanding service, regardless of make or model.


DESHAZO provides OEM parts for all makes and models of overhead cranes and hoisting equipment. Our ability to source parts from any of our warehouses across the country insures that you will receive what you need quickly and at the best price.


To maximize availability and minimize operating costs, DESHAZO’s factory-trained technicians can service facilities anywhere in North America to perform periodic maintenance on all overhead crane and hoisting equipment.


Our service department operates 24/7/365 to keep you in production. If any component of your crane system breaks down, we can have a crew there quickly to make the needed repairs. If you need a part or component that is not in stock, we can respond immediately to manufacture it in one of our plants to get you back in business.


If your crane system needs a component rebuild, we will restore your components to factory specifications and give you an “as new” warranty at the fraction of the price of a new one.


Retrofitting a crane system with the newest technology can increase production and operating efficiency while lowering operating costs. The close coordination of our engineering, manufacturing and service operations provide DESHAZO with the unique ability to offer a modernization plan that is engineered  specifically to meet your needs.


DESHAZO’s factory-trained service technicians are available to perform periodic inspections on all overhead cranes and hoists. We can help make sure your equipment is in perfect working order while ensuring that you’re meeting the toughest regulatory requirements.

System Surveys

DESHAZO’s technicians can perform complete crane system surveys to insure that your equipment is in proper working order. We’ll check the condition of everything from the runways to the bottom block and in-between.