Robotic Systems for Advanced Performance

If you want to improve the quality or productivity of an existing manual manufacturing/assembly process or lower the operating cost, DESHAZO can provide you with an engineered solution to meet your requirements. Our engineers will visit your site, observe your manufacturing processes and prepare a 3-D conceptual design of the equipment or system to meet your requirements. We employ the latest technology in design and manufacturing processes including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Catia, and Robot Simulation software as well as CNC manufacturing equipment in our plant.

In addition, DESHAZO has the ability to analyze the financial benefits of a prospective automation project in your facility. Working with your personnel, we can assist in calculations on the projected improvement in productivity, quality and operating cost, as well as the return on investment of an automation project.


DESHAZO has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to  design, build and install one work cell or a complete automation system in your facility to meet your requirements. We have the capability to handle all aspects of your automation project to provide a complete solution for your needs. We have experience in many industrial segments including steel manufacturing, foundry operations, appliance manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, construction machinery, consumer products and material handling. We have extensive experience in the following manufacturing processes:


DESHAZO’s team has designed, built and installed all kinds of manual, semi-automated and fully automated assembly systems.


DESHAZO has developed solutions for virtually every type of testing and inspection situation, including mechanical, functional, electrical, and leak detection/flow measurement testing.

Material Handling

Whether you’re working with simple gravity conveyors or complex, fully programmable sorting/inspection lines, DESHAZO can provide integrated material handling systems to suit your needs.


DESHAZO has developed robotic solutions for welding applications including precise laser welding, plastics joining, resistance welding and automated wire feed welding applications.

Equipment Control System

With DESHAZO’s integrated control systems, you will be able to know, control, and react to everything that occurs in your operation. DESHAZO is proficient in the application of many controls systems including Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, GE, and Toyopuc PLC’s, as well as other custom computer programs and database design.

Robotic Vision Systems

DESHAZO can provide you with robotic vision systems to perform quality control inspections, parts picking and other applications to lower hard tooling costs.

Robotic Packaging Systems

DESHAZO can provide you with a robotic packaging system that will determine what product goes into a particular package and then box the product.